Friday, August 29, 2014

It's time, #Winnipeg. The evolution of Sew Dandee is about to begin!

It’s with a heavy yet FULL heart that I deliver this news. As of the end of September, Sew Dandee will no longer have a storefront in Osborne Village. I have to lead with the very important bit of info being that I will still have a presence here in the village thanks to a much respected and loved fellow business owner, Judy of Silver Lotus and Rooster. She has presented me with the most amazing and exciting opportunity that I’m thrilled to transition into! Come October 1st, she will be the new tenant at 105 Osborne where she plans to do some much needed renovations which will include opening up the archway between her shop, Silver Lotus and her new space that will not only be the new home of Rooster but will also host my line of silk screened items, cards and even a sewing space so I can continue to offer alterations and custom sewing to you fantastic people. In addition, she is also going to continue to carry Just the Goods in the Silver Lotus space which is GREAT news! I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to Judy for giving me the chance to stay connected to you, my awesome customers. So, next time you see her at Silver Lotus, be sure to give her a high five for supporting local makers!
Now, the heavy heart part is a big one for me and at some point, I will be one big puddle of sad when the time comes to close the Sew Dandee doors at 105 Osborne for the last time. These past eight years have been filled with so much creative energy, inspiration, challenges, successes and above all, friendships and connections that I hold so close to my heart. Without all the incredible makers that have graced the space of Sew Dandee over the years, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I truly love for a living. You have all made Sew Dandee... Sew Dandee! Your support as makers and as customers has meant everything to me and for that I am forever grateful. I don’t see this as the end but the evolution of my handmade life and I still see all of you very much a part of it. I’m truly sorry I couldn’t make it work even longer and it breaks my heart that I won’t be able to share your creations with the world from my big little shop on Osborne. But know that no matter what venue or capacity that I will continue making and selling from, I will ALWAYS be your biggest supporter and cheerleader in the quest to spread the handmade word.

And YOU! My cherished, devoted customers! YOU are everything! (p.s. I have a card that says just that that I should send to each and every one of you). So many of you have been supporters of the shop from the start, always giving me that pep talk I need , reminding me that what I’m doing is bringing happiness and smiles to a lot of faces and my best part of my day, hearing you guys giggle at my card rack. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough for all that you’ve done for me. My biggest hope is that you’ll all continue to support your local makers (including me at Silver Lotus, Rooster, Generation Green, The Exchange Uporium and Tara Davis Boutique!) and seek them out whenever you need that special, made with love item. We’re out there and waiting to make just for YOU! The amount of markets, pop-up shops and craft sales is ever increasing in this artistic, creative city of ours so we won’t make it too hard to find us. Promise.

As for the logistics of this whole evolution, the shop will remain open until the end of September so come use up your store credit, take advantage of some sweet, mega deals or just come say HI! I’d love to see your smiling faces. Come October 1st, Judy will get a hold of the space and make it all shiny new. Hopefully it’ll be ready to reopen to the public for November where you’ll find, in addition to all the awesomeness that is Rooster, all of my silk screened items, cards and my sewing machines ready to hem those pants, take in that dress and sew on those buttons! And while you’re waiting for that big reveal, you can find my work over at The Exchange Uporium from October 1st thru December 26th among some of Winnipeg’s finest makers which I am SO thrilled to be a part of. My Etsy shop is ALWAYS open and will soon And just like right now, you can find a good chunk of my stuff at Generation Green at The Forks and Tara Davis Boutique in the Exchange as well as a new location that I’m in talks with to carry my work as well! As for alterations and custom sewing, I’ll be working something out with Judy for the month of October where you can drop off/pick up alterations a day or two a week at Silver Lotus so I’ll keep you posted on when we sort out those details. And as always, I’ll be keeping you all up to date right here on my Facebook page where you can contact me anytime! And if you're not of the Facebook variety, pop me an email anytime at and I'll be sure to get back to you asap.

If you’re still reading this, you’re awesome. I love you all and look forward to sharing this next adventure of Sew Dandee with all of you!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Get some #ink done down at Sew Dandee, #Winnipeg!

Some new silks screen designs are on the racks and available for custom silk screening! Just come on down to the shop and I'll ink something up for ya!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The New Face of Sew Dandee, #Winnipeg!

You may or may not have heard that Sew Dandee is making some changes. Where these changes will take me, exactly has yet to be determined but in the meantime, I'm making some visual changes at the shop in an effort to make things easier for you find and giving you MORE silk screen designs to choose from for your custom printed shirts, tote bags, pillow cases, onesies, dish towels and whatever else you can think of!

I've been SO lucky to have my good friend and fellow designer, Lisa bring in her students who are studying fashion to help me give the shop a facelift and introduce me to new ideas for displays and merchandising. They've done an amazing job! You should come down to the shop and see for yourself!