Thursday, March 24, 2011

NEW at Sew Dandee!

Even MORE new stuff came in today! It's like Christmas for me over here!

I got in some new Jduct duct tape wallets that continue to knock my sox off with her detailed work using ALL duct tape!

Check out these newer ones that I got in in addition to the best sellers like sushi, turntable, cassette and octopus.

And I got a bitter sweet box of Mystery Girl dresses today, too. Sweet because they're always such fantastic designs in great prints. Bitter because she is no longer working with knit fabrics so these designs will be the last of hers that I'll be carrying at Sew Dandee. She's trying out some new designs using more expensive, fancy fabrics and making more tailored items. I may or may not be trying some out here in the store. I'll keep you posted though!

I was also a busy bee silk screening neckties last night so we've got TONS to choose from now! Here's a smattering of what I've got on the racks.

Of course I've also got the Riel Slurpee image, skulls, geek chic, not as square as I look and some other Manitoba pride ones, too.

So, have you guys got any suggestions or images you'd like me to start silk screening? I'm always open to suggestions!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NEW this week!

Monday was a great day for new stuff at Sew Dandee!

Local girl, Christina of Anything But Ordinary Aprons brought in some of her super adorable server aprons.

She uses the cutest fabrics and adds pretty lace detail so you can feel extra fancy while at work.

Or you can wear them over a tunic or dress just for fun! They're that versatile! Come down and check them out!

Then the lovely and talented Wanda June brought in her newest design working with organic bamboo. Let me tell you, this new hooded tank dress is not only a great design for all body types but it also feels like buttah! Wanda's on fire these days with inspiration so make sure to stay tuned for even more new spring designs with this eco-friendly, luxurious fabric!

And as you can see, it's another great design of hers that works perfectly with my new tie cumber belts!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh wonderful minions!

So, despite the ass weather, turn-out was pretty good at The Crafty Minions Sale at Aqua Books on Saturday! It was such an amazing collection of unique handmade goodies alongside the coolest in vintage and retro finds from clothing to kitchen ware to bird cages! I found the coolest pair of knee high hand knit vintage sox for FOUR DOLLARS!! A steal of a deal. Not to mention a full set of vintage glasses and a set of Pyrex bowls that I'm having a love affair with already. Kami of Marathon 1981 took some great shots of the sale. Check out her blog for some visuals of our day!

I'm sure that Aqua Books is now going to be the new venue for craft and vintage sales for the folks looking for all things awesome and unique. Kelly Hughes has a great thing going over there. If you haven't been to an event there yet, GO! He's got something going on every day plus it's a fantastic bookstore AAAAAND you gotta eat at Eat!, their little bistro in the back of the bookstore. It's a destination for a day out with Mom or your honey or the girls or just a day for yourself!

The next Crafty Minions Sale is May 28th so don't miss it! I'm also taking part in the Artisan's Market put on by The Mantioba Craft Museum and Library at the West End Cultural Centre. It's on Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th from 10am to 4pm. Come support handmade!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Apron awesomeness!

My latest project involving my super cute fun times fabric! I'll have more made later this week so I can bring them all with me to Crafty Minions at Aqua Books on Saturday! I hope you can all make it.

NEW at Sew Dandee!

How adorable are these d.i.y. dolls from Jill Zurzolo!? She also makes those fantastic big button purses I've got here at the store. Now she's put together everything you need to make your very own one of a kind doll. Each one is different which makes the project that much more fun! Come grab one today and get your doll started!

Here's one of my latest spring inspired cards! I'm counting down the days until I can break my bike out of storage.

As part of my Me Made March Project I thought of a new way to use some of my neck ties. I came up with these cumber belts that snazz up any outfit!

Wanda June is busy working on a new spring line that I hope to have in the store later this week. For now I've still got some of her dresses and a few of these cozy hoodies.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Me Made March Project begins!

Check out my Me Made March Project event page here to keep up with me and my seamstress/designer friend Melanie on our all handmade-by-us challenge this month! Here are my first three outfits for the month.

Day 2

Day 3