Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Has Fallen!

Well, I'm back from my most amazing trip to the fair city of Montreal full of inspiration! What a fantastic, beautiful and creative city! We're already planning our next trip. There was no shortage of unique, clever designs out there that really got my designing juices flowing. I've already made some new scarves that were inspired by Montreal designer, Myco Anna. She works with a lot of sweater pieces much like me and pieced together a bunch of sweater bits and folded them over on each other to make the most beautiful scarf with ruffle effect that screams Victorian beauty! I tried it with some vintage wool scarved sliced in half to give extra length. That's only the beginning of my ideas so, stay tuned!

Rosie of If I Had A Boat dropped off some stunning and unique knitted hats that I'm completely in love with! I'm sure you will be too! I've also been crocheting like mad making new hats and other cozy goodies. I've got a long list of projects I hope to get to in the next week or so like more hooded scarves, leg and arm warmers and much more! Don't forget I do custom work too so if you've got your jacket but need some accessories come pay me a visit!

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