Monday, January 17, 2011

One crafty Monday!

I'm BURSTING with creativity and new ideas in 2011, it would seem! I just started making my own sew-on buttons and I'm SO pumped to get all those adorable fabrics in so I can make even more. And if you need custom fabric covered buttons for a project you're working on, bring the fabric and I'll make some up for you. I also bought some fantastic charms that I'm incorporating into my newest design, the necklace headband.

Here are a few more I made today along with some sterling silver hook bike earrings!

I've also been working on some new switch plates too! Most of these are headed off to the Tara Davis Studio Boutique in Nelson, BC but if you see one you like and MUST have, just get in touch with me or come see me at Sew Dandee and I'll make one up for you.

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Anonymous said...

Love the paisley switch plate cover! And so on trend! Honeysuckle the Pantone colour for 2011 :) ~c