Thursday, April 7, 2011

We've got Just The Goods!

Sew Dandee is thrilled to announce that we now carry your favourite (or soon to be new favourite) locally made body products by Just The Goods!

Milena puts her heart and soul into each batch of shaving solids, facial toner and moisturizer, body and foot butter, lip balm and hand lotion.

Here's a snippit from her blog that touches on the motivation behind her starting Just The Goods:
Just the Goods seeks to offer affordable vegan products to help them become more widely available, therefore facilitating healthier living as part of increased consciousness about the environment and consumerism in general. The only Just the Goods product not yet vegan is our lip balm, which contains beeswax and lanolin. Both items are harvested without causing harm and I am working toward confirming our cruelty-free approach with PETA’s Conscious Consumer program.

I've been using her body butter, lip balm and facial moisturizer for a few months now and I'm hooked. Not only can you feel good about using her products knowing that they're all cruelty-free and made locally with only the most natural ingredients and minimal packaging, her products are awesome and feel amazing on your skin. Not to mention, they all smell naturally amazing!

Come down to the store today and check all her products out!

And just a reminder, Mother's Day is around the corner. A Dandee card and some Just The Goods would be sure to be a hit with any Mom! Just sayin'!


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

excellent move Andee - great stuff!!

Just the Goods said...

Thanks, Ruth! So great to see your positive words!! =-)