Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Me Made March and the Workshop Calendar at Sew Dandee!

We're just a few days away from March 1st and the launch of 2014's Me Made March Challenge! This time I'm pushing myself the extra EXTRA mile trying to wear at least 90% handmade/reworked/vintage as well as incorporate ALL homemade meals for the entire month! How's THAT for a challenge!?!

The whole idea of Me Made March is to wear something (or everything) handmade every day for the month of March. There's a lot of room for making your own rules like including second hand clothing, wearing one piece a day that is handmade, wearing handmade jewellery, you get the idea! The whole idea is to connect with the clothing and accessories you choose to wear and making a conscious decision to support local designers and artists of all kinds.

For the food aspect, I will do my very best (even though a couple good friends have birthdays in March that may include going out for a meal) to make all of my own meals from scratch. For those of you that know me well, know that this isn't that far from what I already do. Dandee Eats is proof of that. But I'd like to commit to the entire month eating only homemade meals. PLUS I hope to bring some homemade, vegan, gluten free and mostly raw snacks to all the Drop In Nights I host at the shop for the month of March! FREE food for you!

I'll be posting pictures and details of my outfits and meals every day for the month of March and I encourage you to share your pictures too, if you're taking part. Whether you're wearing 100% handmade or a pair of earrings you made, it all counts! Show me your creations or the creations of other handmakers! Or if you just have ideas for handmade projects, share those too! Let's get inspired, people! Spread the word on supporting handmade!

And I've posted the March Workshop and Event Calendar so be sure to come out to some of the drop-in nights and register for some of the workshops! Secure your spot by coming down to the shop and registering at least one day in advance of the workshop. Let's make this a SUPER crafty month!

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