Monday, April 7, 2014

Hey #Winnipeg! Come get crafty at Sew Dandee!

Our weekly crafty drop-in nights are really starting to catch on! It's always an inspiring evening and I love seeing new faces so, if you haven't been down for one yet, now's the time! Next week's drop-in is on Wednesday starting at 5pm until 7:30pm. You can bring any kind of craft or art project to work on or if you don't have a project on the go, just come visit, check out my crafty library and get some ideas and inspiration from other crafters! I can even help you out on a project if that's what you need!
Last night's drop-in had us knitting, drawing, writing and sewing! How's THAT for diversity?!? If you can't make it next week, fret not! I'll be having them every week on different week days each time so hopefully you can make it down to one (or many) soon! Happy Crafting!

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