Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Showin' Some Crafty Love!

Here I am featuring yet another fantastic Etsy Blogger, Chaucee of Taylor House from Philadelphia! She's a crafter after my own heart as we share a deep love of creating everyday and searching for that priceless vintage find.

First of all, her blog The Searched and Found is BEAUTIFUL! She features some of the most talented crafters I've ever seen and the blog layout is fantastic! You've gotta love a girl who is so in love with craft that she feels the need to share all her 'Searched and Found' finds on a blog where she could strictly promote herself like so many of us do. It's worth a visit if you're itching for inspiration, the perfect gift or a little pick me up!

Her Etsy shop is small but very sweet, too. I'm really diggin' her super chunky knit cowls in such warm colors. She also has some great vintage belts and accessories to top off that perfect outfit. And as if she wasn't generous enough, some of her Etsy listings come with a FREE GIFT! Who doesn't love a free gift!?

You can find Chaucee all over the web on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy and of course on her Blog!

While you're at it, check out Nevita's blog post on yours truly! Thanks, Nevita!


Artesia said...

I love the pic of the black scarf withthe mask! It makes me smile. That scarf would be a great gift for anyone in a cold climate- it's gender neutral and it goes with anything.

Miss Pretty Perfect Handbags said...

Nice feature full of personality! Love, love her chunky cowls!