Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well, my Earth Day is off to a great start thanks to the lovely and talented Miss Rebecca of Everything is Ticketyboo! Check out this Earth Day inspired write-up she did on Try Handmade today that includes a mention of my favorite light switch cover!

Try Handmade is a fantastic site that covers every angle of the handmade world with articles written by crafty chickas from all across North America. And Winnipeg's own Rebecca Hadfield is one of the fantastic contributors! A big THANKS goes out to you, my dear! Check out her Etsy shop or just come down to Sew Dandee to see her vintage inspired, clever creations.

And in honor of Earth Day at Sew Dandee I'm giving away a FREE handmade reusable tote bag with every purchase of $10 or more! So, get on your bike, put on some walking shoes, jump on your skateboard or strap on some roller skates and head down to Sew Dandee today and love the earth! It's the only one we've got!

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